Limbik offers a comprehensive approach to information defense – by combining a suite of predictive threat evaluation and advanced risk assessments systems in a dynamic, self-serve platform.


The System integrates the best of emerging technology and human intelligence to enable our clients to proactively identify and respond to the most consequential threats proliferating online. Limbik's Information Defense System ensures USG agencies can make informed decisions in real-time with one unified login.

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Potential for Impact (PFI) Rating

With our core metric, PFI, users can predict whether information will be believable or credible, not just if it's likely to go viral. You can now know what narratives warrant your attention and response, before it can become impactful

Threat Landscape

Our defense system will keep you abreast of where narratives originate, as well as where it is amplified by

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Effective Response Options (ERO)

Using our defense system, you can also determine the most effective response options and optimize your messaging