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Limbik is a data science and technology company that helps shape a world in which promise and progress are not impeded by the spread of weaponized information. We believe that the best defense is a good offense.

Limbik’s information defense operating system empowers partners to prepare for, leverage, and respond to information threats at scale.

Combining probabilistic forecasting with proprietary technology, Limbik can see weaponized information coming and accurately predicts the potential for impact of a tweet, text, or Telegram chat.

Limbik helps companies build organizational resilience and mitigate the scale and speed of information threats before they negatively impact them. Our predictive, belief-based methodology, combined with ability to inform and optimize counter measures, makes Limbik stand out as the only mitigation-focused information defense solution.

Governments, NGOs, and influential organizations deploy Limbik’s operating system to develop proactive solutions against information manipulation.

Limbik: Anticipate. Identify. Leverage.

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