At Limbik, we work every day to make the world a safer place online and offline. We provide best-in-class technology that utilizes AI for good. Our mission at Limbik is to educate and prepare our users for the inevitable information risks in the modern world. Limbik predicts what information has the potential for impact—positive or negative—to inform proactive response options. We strive to emulate our mission and values in everything we do, working with the utmost ethics and integrity. 

Image by Iñaki del Olmo

Who We Are and What We Stand For

Limbik empowers our partners and clients to proactively prepare for and respond to the most consequential threats proliferating online. 


Today’s disinformation landscape is sophisticated, diverse, and complex. Modern information threats—powered by emerging technologies—pose an elevated risk to governments, multinational corporations, non-profit organizations, and society at large. To governments and society in general, modern disinformation efforts threaten the integrity of democracy and the social fabric. For multinational corporations and non-profit organizations, disinformation poses reputational, operational, financial, and, in some instances, even physical risk.


Limbik combines proprietary AI/ML-powered software with expert qualitative analysis to identify emerging misinformation, disinformation, and mal-information (MDM) activities and predict their potential impact. Our work informs proactive information risk mitigation activities, including the development of materials, communications, training products, and targeted engagements. 

Our Values

Innovation, Ongoing Learning & Collective Excellence

We are dedicated learners. To foster this culture, we promote autonomy and opportunity, and encourage inquiry and risk-taking. We strive for collective excellence—we recognize the continual need to adapt and innovate on our solutions as technology evolves and circumstances change. As a team, we take accountability for our work—we acknowledge mistakes, create solutions, and encourage one another to improve and grow personally.


We strive to create positive impacts and achieve results. We take a holistic approach; considering all sectors and the effects of information on human lives. We believe that education about information defense is key, both in the private and public sectors. 


We recognize that the dangers of information manipulation require an immediate all-of-society response. We seek partnerships, clients, and collaborations to support this mission.