Cognitive AI to protect and promote your

Proactively identify information threats and optimize your response with PFI®,
the first predictive, emotion-driven platform.

“Every corporation, every NGO, every government institution is going to have a unit dedicated to weaponized information this decade.”

Assistant National Cyber Director

The White House

Cognitive AI + Human Intelligence

Weaponized information poses unprecedented reputational, financial, operational, and security risks. We developed the playbook for building organizational resilience and mitigating information threats.

Being proactive requires the ability to be accurately predictive.

It’s not good enough to just monitor social media or hope for policy changes. Limbik’s PFI® platform is able to simulate human thought to understand what people believe and if they’ll take action. PFI® establishes an audience’s level of commitment to a particular topic and evaluates message-level Believability and Virality to predict future impact.

Believability and Virality to predict future impact.

Identify information threats, evaluate risk, and inform your response options.

Assess the potential impact of any message for any audience in more than 100 countries.

Deploy PFI® via SaaS, API, or on-prem.

Identify Information Threats

Proactively evaluate indicators of both emotion and engagement to identify information threats before they negatively impact your organization.

Track more than 1 million news sources, blogs, social networks, and online forums.

Topic modeling and OSINT to monitor chronic and emerging narratives with proximity to your organization.

Understand the potential impact of information threats globally or among targeted communities.

Optimize your response

Leverage PFI® to determine if your messaging will resonate with the same audiences exposed to potentially impactful information threats.

Cognitive AI models continuously trained on millions of social media artifacts.

Believability incorporates emotive indicators to understand if audiences will find your messaging credible and trustworthy.

Virality determines whether your messaging will provoke engagement.

Test any message, with any audience in real-time, to ensure your response is effective.

From election security to vaccine hesitancy and human rights, forward-thinking organizations rely on Limbik to combat today’s most consequential information threats.

Truth is not the issue. The most significant factor is not the inherent truth or veracity of information but whether it is believable and by whom. Most facts are interpretive when applied in a human context.

Limbik built the first cognitive AI platform to proactively identify information threats and optimize response options in a post-truth world. PFI® is deployed by governments, NGOs, and companies of all types and sizes.

Our team is intentionally multi-disciplinary and multi-national, bringing together technologists, data scientists, intelligence analysts, and communications experts from six continents.

As veterans of Madison Avenue, the U.S. Government, academia, and venture-backed technology companies, we’ve seen and experienced the consequences of information manipulation first-hand. Limbik exists to shape a world in which promise, and progress are not impeded by the spread and belief of weaponized information.

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