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Limbik provides cutting-edge cognitive AI solutions to elevate your strategy, protect your brand, understand your audience, anticipate reactions, and build resilience strategies for businesses, non-profits, and government bodies.

“Every corporation, every NGO, every government institution is going to have a unit dedicated to weaponized information this decade.”

Assistant National Cyber Director

The White House

What is Cognitive AI?

Cognitive AI is artificial intelligence that simulates human thought processes to solve complex problems. At Limbik, our cognitive AI technology goes beyond traditional AI by incorporating deep learning, natural language processing, and data analytics to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

Being proactive requires the ability to be accurately predictive.

Limbik’s cognitive AI model facilitate data-driven decisions, misinformation protection, audience sentiment analysis, content personalization, and threat detection. Through cognitive AI, businesses, non-profits, and government bodies can boost efficiency, enhance engagement, and stay ahead of trends and risks, ensuring sustained success and credibility.

Believability and Virality to predict future impact.

Utilize key insights for strategic decisions, identify and predict emerging market trends, and forecast audience reactions to various scenarios provided by our AI

Tailor your content to individual preferences and behaviors to enhance user and customer engagement.

Detect potential risks and vulnerabilities early to respond swiftly and effectively, and identify and mitigate false information to protect your brand's reputation and maintain public trust.

Behind Limbik's Cognitive AI

Limbik utilizes its advanced cognitive AI to assess credibility and engagement, collecting diverse data from multiple sources, and analyzing metadata features to generate insightful metrics.

Limbik has developed two key models—Believability and Virality—to predict how credible a message is and how engaging it will be online. These outputs are combined to create the Potential for Impact (PFI®) metric.

Vast amounts of data is gathered and fed into Limbik's cognitive AI from various sources, including social media, news, and other online platforms. This data includes text, images, audio, and video content.

Using a combination of Believability, Virality, metadata analysis, and the vast content universe, Limbik's AI model generates probabilistic forecasts that predict how content will perform online.

Advantages of utilizing Cognitive AI

Limbik’s cognitive AI and PFI® metric provide organizations with accurate evaluations, up-to-date data, a comprehensive content repository, and reliable forecasts for predicting content performance.

Limbik's cognitive AI ensures precise assessment of content effectiveness, enabling better decision-making.

Continuously updated data guarantees that organizations always have the most current insights at their disposal.

Access to a vast repository of content helps organizations leverage diverse and relevant examples for their strategies.

Limbik's AI generates dependable forecasts to predict how content will perform online, enhancing strategic planning and engagement.

Here are some use cases that demonstrate the versatility and impact of Limbik's AI technology

A non-profit organization focused on education leverages Limbik's cognitive AI model to analyze donor behavior and predict the effectiveness of fundraising campaigns. By understanding which messaging and appeals resonate most with donors, they can optimize their outreach efforts and increase donations.

A retail chain uses Limbik's AI for sentiment analysis in customer support interactions. By analyzing customer feedback across channels, the company can identify common pain points, improve service quality, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

A national cybersecurity agency employs Limbik's AI to detect and combat disinformation campaigns aimed at destabilizing democratic processes. The model identifies false narratives, tracks their spread, and provides actionable insights for crafting countermeasures and informing public awareness campaigns.

These diverse use cases illustrate how Limbik's cognitive AI can be adapted to meet the unique challenges of different sectors. From optimizing donor engagement and enhancing customer support to safeguarding democratic processes, Limbik's AI support organizations with the intelligence they need to reach their desired outcomes and goals.

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