Introducing PFI®

We've trained a cognitive AI model called Believability which forecasts whether any audience will find any message credible. We trained another data model called Virality to predict the likelihood of any messaging eliciting engagement online. Believability and Virality are combined to evaluate Potential for Impact (PFI).

Our content universe includes tens of millions of textual, image, audio, and video artifacts. We know the performance of each artifact, as well as if a representative sample of adults find it believable. We're adding thousands of new artifacts every day. Using the unique metadata features extracted from a social media post, company statement, video or any other type of content, and our proprietary content universe, PFI® builds a probabilistic forecast of how content will perform.

“With PFI®, we can understand how geopolitical events might impact the operations and safety of our organization. The main value Limbik gives us is understanding how and why weaponized information manifests, and therefore the ability to quantify risk. This means we can predict the next threat around the corner without it monopolizing our time and energy so that we can focus on our mission.”

Former CTO