Moving the world forward: A global communications agency combined with Limbik’s cognitive AI platform to protect and promote your organization.

Moving the world forward:
A global communications agency combined with Limbik’s cognitive AI platform to protect and promote your organization.

“Together we can offer an exceptional one-two punch for clients around the world with Decipher thanks to Limbik’s ability to predict, source, and assess potentially damaging content coupled with BCW’s world-class expertise in crisis counsel and corporate reputation management.”

Chief Innovation Officer


Why BCW Decipher

We live in a post-truth world. As subjectivism marks the zeitgeist, truth has increasingly become defined in terms of personal experience and emotion. The weaponization of information is not a new phenomenon, but the speed and scale at which information is now being utilized as a tool of influence have devastating consequences.

Weaponized information is becoming an increasingly common danger to businesses, governments, brands, and organizations, threatening their reputations, stock prices and ability to function. With the rise of generative AI and the increased availability of advanced technologies in the hands of bad actors to scale and promote disinformation, the need to quickly identify and inoculate reputation threats has never been more acute. Separating the signal from the noise has grown in complexity.

To help clients identify and combat weaponized information before it causes harm, BCW offers BCW Decipher powered by Limbik, which combines a groundbreaking cognitive AI platform with world-class corporate reputation and crisis counsel, a first of its kind solution in the arena of reputation management.

With BCW Decipher powered by Limbik we help clients identify, evaluate, and mitigate disinformation and false narratives.

How It Works

BCW Decipher works by integrating message-level believability classification and predictive virality indicators. The result is a robust framework for evaluating the potential impact of different types of content across defined audience segments that is based on observable, repeatable data. Determining an audience’s level of commitment to a particular topic and artifact believability to the platform can make predictions about future impact.

Believability and Virality to predict future impact.

Organizational preparedness to build resilience.

Predictive, emotion-based threat assessment.

Messaging designed to move people, powered by PFI®.

Solutions developed for organizations of all types and sizes.

Corporate Reputation and Disinformation Defense for Brands

A combined solution comprising cognitive A.I. on disinformation detection alongside world-class crisis preparedness and reputation defense through state-of-the-art technology and consulting.

Digital Transformation for Resilient Brands

This joint consulting offering focuses on adapting brands and Communications functions for modern threat detection and resilience to protect and promote companies.

Public Affairs and Market Expansion Strategies

Our work with corporations looking to expand into new geographies requires intelligence focused on aligning market-level priorities and potential market-level threats which we delivered through our cognitive A.I. and consulting services.

BCW Intelligence Solutions

A core component of our global data intelligence offer, BCW Decipher provides the additional dimensions of predicted believability and virality focused on threat detection for brands to augment media and social media monitoring solutions.

Deploying BCW Decipher

Proactively identify and evaluate information risk. Beyond social listening, rigorous threat assessment is predictive and leverages Limbik’s cognitive AI platform to understand the potential impact of weaponized information and which audiences are susceptible.

Counter measures serve to prevent or mitigate information threats and redress the potential consequences of a malign influence operation – whether reputational, financial, operational, or physical. Effective messaging is designed to move people, powered by behavioral science, data, empathy, and expertise.

A leading CPG company faces concerns stemming from disinformation and rumors regarding the sourcing practices and health of ingredients.

Fashion and apparel brand comes under criticism for false and alleged labor practices.

Planned market expansion by a large MNC risks disruption by growing anti-Western sentiments promoted by politically motivated actors.

Public health risk grows, and global pharmaceutical company distribution efforts risk being compromised by health disinformation.

About BCW

BCW is the global communications agency built to move people. BCW partners with clients in the B2B, consumer, corporate, crisis management, healthcare, public affairs, purpose, and technology sectors to set strategic direction for all communications and create powerful and unexpected ideas that earn attention. Through an “earned-plus” offer – earned media plus paid media, creative technology, data, AI, and an expanding suite of innovative capabilities – BCW moves people with power and precision to move its clients forward. BCW is a part of WPP (NYSE: WPP), a creative transformation company.

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