Thrive in a post-truth world.

A cognitive AI platform to enhance organizational resilience and proactively mitigate information risk.

“Cyber security is no longer just about protecting your organization’s data; cybersecurity is about protecting against reputational threats, operational threats, and ultimately physical threats.”

Head of Customer Experience


Deploying Limbik for Business

Generative AI increases the threat of weaponized information exponentially. Cognitive AI is your counterpunch. PFI® DC enables you to proactively Identify information threats, quantify risk, and optimize your response options.

Monitor chronic and emerging narratives across more than 1 million news sources, blogs, social networks, and online forums

Evaluate Believability and Virality to understand which audiences are vulnerable to narratives with proximity to your organization.

Identify the most effective response options by quantifying the cost of remaining silent.

Determine if your messaging will resonate with the same audiences exposed to potentially impactful information threats.

Why Limbik

The best defense is often a good offense. For combatting weaponized information, this means pre-bunking or diffusing the adverse impact of a false or harmful narrative before it spreads.

Real-Time Alerts

Designed for executives to know precisely when information risk thresholds are exceeded and what to do about it.


Social listening and after-action reports are insufficient. PFI® DC is the first response-focused solution for proactively identifying and mitigating information threats.


PFI® DC was designed to evaluate risk and optimize messaging for specific audiences, so you can be confident in your response options for various key stakeholders.

Flexibility & Speed

Deploy PFI® DC with existing social listening tools or leverage our coverage of more than 1 million news sources, global, social networks, and online forums.

We combine cutting-edge technology, intelligence analysts, and communications experts to position your organization to thrive in a post-truth world. The ability to be accurately predictive enables leading organizations to turn information disorder into a competitive advantage.

Focus Areas

From state-sponsored disinformation attacks to politically-motivated backlash and conspiracy theories, top communications, executive, and security teams rely on Limbik to protect and promote their organization in the uncertainty of today’s information environment.

  • Critical Infrastructure

  • DE&I

  • Emerging Technology

  • Financial Markets

  • Geo-Politics

  • Human Rights

  • New Markets

  • Sports Sponsorship

  • Sustainability