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BCW partners with disinformation defense company Limbik to fight misinformation

PR Week
September 1, 2023
NEW YORK: BCW has inked an exclusive global partnership with information defense technology company Limbik. Limbik specializes in cognitive artificial intelligence to provide clients...

BCW Rolls Out Advanced Tool To Combat Disinformation

Provoke Media
September 1, 2023
Gearing up for the 2024 election, BCW, along with tech company Limbik, is rolling out a new tool that not only roots out disinformation but brings the new capabilities in determining how believable and spreadable it is.

Understanding AI: A remedy for your reputation

PR Week
September 1, 2023
Protecting their brands’ health is among the most important responsibilities for all PR pros. It’s more challenging than ever, though, in a world where the truth isn’t always enough. Proper navigation of AI can help that cause...

Limbik Leverages NetBase Quid® to Proactively Fight Disinformation

Netbase Quid
September 1, 2023
Billions of people have become heavily reliant on social media as their primary form of consuming news, and with this comes the increased threat of mis-/dis-/and malinformation (MDM) becoming part of everyday life. Virality of misinformation can spread simply from an aunt who shares fake news stories....

High Tech Security Firm Limbik Uses GraphAware Hume and Neo4j Graph Database to Create Information Defense System

September 1, 2023
Information manipulation and how to defend against it is a critical dimension of operating in today’s information landscape. Whether it be misinformation (incorrect or misleading information) or disinformation

IntelBrief: Russian Disinformation Forms Key Part of the Kremlin’s Approach to Conflict with Ukraine

The Soufan Center
September 1, 2023
In the lead up to the current crisis with Ukraine, Russia continued to value mis-, dis-, and malinformation (MDM) as a key part of its approach to influencing and manipulating public opinion, both domestically and abroad.

2021 Global Security Forum: Cooperation or Competition? Changing Dynamics of Global Security

Global Security Forum
September 1, 2023
The 2021 Global Security Forum (GSF) took place from October 12-14, 2021, in Doha, Qatar and adopted a hybrid approach to include virtual participants. As states vie for power and resources in a rapidly evolving geopolitical climate...

Column: QAnon conspiracy theory: The border variant

Los Angeles Times
September 1, 2023
It was after dark at the border, and a U.S. Border Patrol agent used his body to shield a migrant father and child in his custody from Anthony Agüero, a Jan. 6 Capitol rioter who was trying to film them to spread QAnon-style propaganda about child sex trafficking at the border.

Beijing's Long Arm: Threats To U.S. National Security

U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
September 1, 2023
Many Americans were slow to realize it, but Beijing’s enmity for the United States began decades ago. Ever since taking power in 1949, the ruling Chinese Communist Party (or “CCP”) has cast the United States as an antagonist. Then, three decades ago, at the end of the Cold War....

Foreign powers amplified QAnon content to sow discord that led to Jan. 6 Capitol riots, extremism expert says

The World
September 1, 2023
Supporters of President Donald Trump, including Jacob Chansley, right with fur hat, are confronted by US Capitol Police officers outside the Senate Chamber inside the Capitol in Washington..